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HotWax Art Brush Tip

HotWax Art Brush Tip


Product No.:  07122-BRUSH

Estimated Availability: 1 days

Shipping Size:   3.5in x 2.25in x 0.25in

Shipping Weight:   0.02 pounds

The HotFix Applicator and tips are a wonderful compliment to the Handi Iron for creating beautiful encaustic work. Each tip allows you to embellish your work in a unique and different way.

The Brush Tip is made of small copper wires that allow you to paint the wax onto your surface. Gently place the hot brush tip in the wax block. Be careful, pressing too hard or stabbing the brush tip into the wax can damage the copper wires. The Brush Tip can be used to add texture and build up layers of wax.

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