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Iron-On Transfer Film Roll (9.5in x 100m)

Iron-On Transfer Film Roll (9.5in x 100m)


Product No.:  07124_

Estimated Availability: 1 days

Shipping Weight:   11 pounds

Full roll of iron-on Transfer Film

Kandi’s Crystal Transfer Film is part of the Kandi Corp Create Your own Rhinestone Designs system.  The sticky film holds your design in place until you iron it onto your designated area.  Once you have your design cut into the Crystal Template Material and the Crystal Backing Board affixed, gently sweep crystals into the holes in the Crystal Template Material.  Make sure that all crystals are color side up.  When you have your design completed and filled with crystals, gently peel the back away from the Crystal Transfer Film.  Place the sticky side down over the crystals in the Crystal Template Material, and you will be able to lift your entire design out of the Template in one piece.  Either use the design immediately, or reapply the backing from the Crystal Transfer Film to save your design for later.



100 Meters per roll.  Each roll is 9.5" wide x 100 meters long


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