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Sewing & Quilting Tips 2 piece Set

Sewing & Quilting Tips 2 piece Set


Product No.:  07130

Estimated Availability: 1 days

Shipping Weight:   0.25 pounds

These tips turn your Kandi HotFix Applicators into a precision iron.

The larger tip is 7/8" wide and is ideal for iron-on ribbons and garment sewers.

The smaller tip is 3/8" wide and can be used for ironing in very tight corners such as collars, shirt pockets, etc. For quilters, this tip is perfect for ironing 1/4" seams.

Also great for removing heat soluble stabilizers from embroideries!

Apply a piece of Kandi's Self-Adhesive PTFE Strips to the bottom of these tips to make them non-stick when working with fusibles or interfacing.  Works great! 

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