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Crystal Backing Board (8 sheets)

Crystal Backing Board (8 sheets)


Product No.:  K80303

Estimated Availability: 1 days

Shipping Size:   10in x 9in x 0.25in

Shipping Weight:   0.75 pounds

Adhere Template Material to create a template for your rhinestones

Kandi’s Crystal Backing Boards are used with the Crystal Template Material as part of the process for Create Your own Rhinestone Designs system.  Once you have your design in the Crystal Template Material, peel the protective backing sheet off the Crystal Template Material and affix to a Crystal Backing Board.  This will prevent your crystals from falling thru the Template Material as you develop your design.  Use Kandi’s Crystal Brush to put the crystals in place.  Using a gentle, sweeping motion, the Crystal Brush allows you to place the crystals onto the Crystal Template Material right side (crystal color-side) up! 

Crystal Backing Boards are 8.5” x 9.5” and are easily cut to the desired size.

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