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Hot Wax Art

Welcome to the wonderful world of EncaustiCraftingTM. The art of having fun. An ancient encaustic art technique updated and made easy.

Combining the ancient encaustic art medium techniques of the Greeks and Romans with modern technology, Harbor Sales introduces encaustic art supplies that produce an easy and enjoyable craft — our own Hot Wax Art. Using our Pure Encaustic Art Pigments, EncaustiCrafting is an Earth-friendly way to create with deep rich color and wonderful textures using our Encaustic Art Supplies!

hot wax art

How to Use Hot Wax

About Hot Wax

Harbor Sales has taken this ancient encaustic art technique and made it accessible to the crafting consumer with new tools and encaustic art techniques with our Encaustic Art Supplies!

Our Hot Wax Art Stylus has the same ergonomically correct handle as our very popular Professional Touch HotFix applicator. It has been specifically designed with the proper application temperature for melting and applying our Encaustic Wax Art Pigments. The Hot Wax Art Stylus comes with 5 tips: pen, brush, paddle, edging and ball.

The Handi Iron is the perfect tool for designing with Harbor Sales Encaustic Wax Pigments. It is lightweight (only 10 ounces), the cord is designed so it can be easily used with the right or left hand and it quickly folds up for easy storage and travel. The wax is melted on the sole plate then layered onto the surface of your project, allowing you to create many different designs and marks. It also easily converts to a heated palette surface, allowing you to melt the wax and use a brush to paint on your project.

Hot Wax Art Encaustic Wax Pigments are an all-natural, non-toxic, earth friendly way to add beautiful color and texture of encaustic painting to many different encaustic crafting surfaces.

Just imagine the possibilities! Creating encaustic art is fun with our Hot Wax Art Program!