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Review for  ViviLux Sewing & Craft Light $25.00

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Patt D A favorite sewing light I absolutely love this little craft & sewing light. The size makes it perfect to take to sewing classes where the lighting isn't very good. It's great because it works in a cordless manner with an internal battery. It can be plugged in different ways to re-charge. The Velcro attachment makes it super easy to fit on the side of my sewing machine. Or, it can sit beside the machine and not take up too much room. It has become one of my favorite accessories. You won't be disappointed if you buy it.
thekingofb Why didn't I get this long ago Velcro strip holds light tight. Good flexibility. High and low beam is a great extra. Recommend to any one needing extra light for the sewing work. Using it on my serger
sandy510 Now I Can See What I'm Sewing The light is very bright, but just what I needed to illuminate the area around my sewing machine needle. It can be mounted and moved if necessary, plus the flexible cord can be positioned as needed.
Sheila P Greatest light for sewing mach I love this light for my sewing machine. It is small but has the best and brightest light just where you need it. It’s easy to use and is rechargeable.
kwessels Great little light This is a second purchase, I got one on a friends recommendation for my sewing machine and like it so well I decided to get a second for my serger/overlocker. Tried everything but I never could seem to get enough light onto my sewing project but these little guys put a lot of light right where you want it without getting in the way. Great product.

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