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ViviLux Sewing & Craft Light - Magnet

 ViviLux Sewing & Craft Light -  Magnet


Product No.:  VLSWL03

Estimated Availability: 1 days

Shipping Weight:   0.25 pounds

Get super bright lighting exactly where you need it.

Tiny LEDs pinpoint light in a super small package.  Direct the light EXACTLY where needed. Included in package:

  • ViviLux LED light with flexible wand LEDs
    • 100,000 hours LED life
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 14 hours continuous use)
  • USB charging cable
  • Wall Plug
    • US standard
    • Also available EU, UK, Aus/NZ

    Magnet, not Velcro.  Perfect for anywhere you do not want to affix with Velcro

ViviLux® Sewing & Craft LED Lights

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