Red & Green Laser Lights Made with The ViviLux
3-in-1 Rechargeable Battery Laser System

Packed With Essential Key Features & Benefits
Perfect for Quilters, Sewists & Craft Enthusiasts!

3 Unique Laser Lights - In One!

Sure, there are other lasers lights on the market. But none can compare to what our innovative 3-in-1 lasers can do for you. Not only have we specifically designed our lasers to suit the needs of quilters, sewists, and crafters – but we’ve also taken our lasers to the next level.

Our exclusive line of lasers doesn’t come with just one laser light, but three! Our 3-in-1 lasers include a Line Laser, a Dot laser, and a Crosshair laser. But the features don’t stop there…

Fully Rechargeable & Hassle Free

Inside you will find our high-capacity, long-life recharging battery to give you days of powerful laser light. This means no more wasting money on buying new batteries or dealing with messy cords that can tie you down or get in your way.

Enjoy a full battery charge in as little as 3 hours. And since our lasers are fully rechargeable and don’t contain unnecessary cords, they’re also 100% portable. This makes them easy to use, and easy to take with you as well.

Choose From Two Popular Color Options

We offer both red and green lasers. Why do we offer two color options? It’s simple – some people find that green laser light is easier to see. Others prefer a red laser light. While green lasers are slightly heavier compared to the red laser (and more expensive to manufacture), we offer both options. Both Green Laser and Red Laser package contents are identical, the only difference are the colors of laser lights.

Beware of Poorly Made Chinese Knockoffs

When a successful product hits the market, poorly made copies and knockoffs tend to pop up next. This is exactly what’s happened with our laser lights. Not only have the Chinese cloned our Red Laser, but they’ve also copied our package artwork and descriptions – word for word.

Sure, these Chinese knockoffs may cost less and seem to offer the same features and benefits, but don’t be fooled. They don’t work nearly as well. Check out this head-to-head comparison.

Choose From Our Exclusive Line
of 3-in-1 Laser Light Systems

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