NEW! Powerful Optical-Grade 3X and 7X ViviLux Magnifiers

The #1 Most Highly Requested Accessory to Be
Paired with Our LED Lights Is Now Available

Goodbye Eye Strain, Hello Visual Clarity!

When it comes to quilting, sewing, or doing other activities - the bigger and brighter, the better! This helps you not only avoid making mistakes, but it also helps remove needless eye strain. Thanks to our optical-grade 3X and 7X ViviLux Magnifiers, now you can experience crystal-clear and distortion-free magnification with ease. -

Choose From 2 Different Sizes & Shapes

We now have available two different size magnifiers for you to choose from.

The first is our 6” x 4” Rectangular Optical-Grade 3X Magnifier that perfectly accompanies our goLightly LED Task Lamp

The second is our 2” Round Optical-Grade 3X Magnifier that can be easily added to our LED Craft Light.

Each one of our 3X ViviLux Magnifiers can also be used independently. 

In addition, we now have a 6" x 4" Rectangular Optical Grade 7x Magnifier!  More powerful than most on the market, and perfect for those that need additional magnification.

Watch The Short Introduction Videos for Each Magnifier Below

Magnifier Assembly Instructions + Videos

If you need assistance with assembly instructions regarding our 3X magnifiers, then we have you covered! We’ve created easy-to-read (and fully printable) how-to assembly guides to make your life easier. Plus, we’ve also added important updates and additional videos for you as well.

You can find all assembly instructions and more by clicking here

Choose From Our Exclusive Line
of Optical-Grade 3X Magnifiers

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