SeeMore by ViviLux Products FAQ and Information Page

Here you will find the answers to your questions about the SeeMore HandsFree Light/Magnifier


Q: My SeeMore does not turn on.  I push the buttons and nothing happens

A: The SeeMore has next generation EZ-Touch buttons.  A light tap is all you need.  Do not push the buttons, just a light tap to operate the button function


Q: How do I get the fastest charge time and maximum discharge time?

A: The more powerful the wall charging plug, the faster your SeeMore will charge. While you can use your cell phone charging plug, we recommend a 5v 5a wall plug.  This will give you a 3.5 hour charge time and the maximum battery discharge time. 


Q: The lenses look like cheap plastic

A: The two lenses are an Optical Grade Fresnel Acrylic Glass designed specifically for clear distortion free viewing


Q: Where is the kickstand?

A: The kickstand is flush with the back of the SeeMore.  GENTLY open from the bottom. Do not overextand the kickstand.


Q: How do I clean the lenses?

A: Use a damp rag and gently wipe from side to side.  Wipe dry with a dry cloth.  Use a micro-fiber cloth. You can use Windex or lens cleaner


Q: What do the buttons do?

A: There are 3 buttons.  Far left is On/Off  Far right cycles through Mode -- Bright White, Warm (Reading), Natural Daylight.  Middle button controls light intensity.  It has 5 settings.  Use it to dim the light until it is comfortable to work with.  Remember, these are EZ-Touch™ buttons, just a gentle tap is needed.


Q: Do I have to reset the SeeMore every time I use it?

A: No.  The SeeMore remembers your button settings.  The next time you turn it on it will return to the same settings.


Q: Why does the SeeMore discharge when not in use?

A: The SeeMore uses a small charge, even when not in use to maintain system state -- once you have the light set the way you want it, it will return to that setting the next time you power the SeeMore up. If you will not be using the SeeMore for a while, we recommend charging it before storing it away.


Q: How do I get the maximum charge on the SeeMore battery?

A: The key here is the wall plug that you use.  If you use a 1a (1 amp) wall plug, the small cube you usually see, it will take the longest to charge the SeeMore and will never fully "top off" the battery.  2a plugs, the type you typically get with your cell phone, are better.  Faster charge, and more power stored in the battery.  For fastest charging, and longest battery life, use either a 3a or (ideally) a 5a wall plug.  Because they are hard to find, we sell 5a wall plugs as an accessory on our website