When you need to See Better
When you need Great Magnification
When you need Great Illumination

NEW! SeeMore ® by ViviLux Wearable Rechargeable Battery Light and Magnifier

Reading. Knitting. Sewing. Hobbies. Imagine all the times you could have used a great light and a great magnifier, but needed your hands free?
That is why we invented the SeeMore® by ViviLux

Shine a Light where you need it:

Shine the SeeMore light exactly where you need it. Fully positionable, rotates a complete 270 degree arc.The bright 60 LEDs generate a whopping 900 lumens. Not just bright light, either. Selectable with 3 modes -- Bright White, Warm (Reading), and Natural Daylight True Color. Each mode has 5 dimmable settings, so you can make it brighter or less bright as you need. A total of 15 light settings gets you the light that you need, where you need it. Wear it with the included Lanyard, or use FreeStanding as a spotlight.

Get the Magnification you need:

No more wimpy 2x or 2.5x magnification. The SeeMore comes with TWO magnifiers. Each magnifier is an Optical Grade Distortion Free acrylic glass Fresnel lens. You get a 3x magnifier for normal use, and a powerful 7x magnifier for close-up use. See the details! Each magnifier comes with connectors to position either Vertical (for reading) or Horizontal (for crafting), depending on your needs.

So light, you won't notice you are wearing it:

The SeeMore has a comfortable satin grosgrain ribbon lanyard with a unique 4-point connector system. No more strings. No more heavy things around your neck. The SeeMore is light weight and comfortable. The satin grosgrain ribbon is adjustable, so you can position the SeeMore exactly at the length you need. The 4-point lanyard connections give more stability so the SeeMore stays where you need it.

Designed for Portability --Use It Anywhere

The SeeMore is powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery. No more replacing batteries. No more batteries wearing out at the worst possible time. Get up to 40 hours on a single charge. AND the SeeMore has a built-in battery indicator, so you ALWAYS know how much battery life you have left.


Check out the SeeMore Frequently Asked Questions page

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Features of the SeeMore HandsFree Light/Magnifier

SeeMore by ViviLux HandsFree LED Light Magnifier

SeeMore by ViviLux HandsFree LED Light Magnifier

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