About Us

Harbor Sales owners, Dave and Abby Riba, have decades of real world experience in the Sewing, Quilting, and Crafting world. Not only do we sew, quilt, and craft, but we teach and write to help others improve their skills, too.

Based in beautiful Safety Harbor (Tampa Bay), Florida, we have developed a reputation for creating unique and innovative products to make your hobby even more enjoyable.  We develop the products that we feel our customers are missing, based on our real-world day-to-day sewing and crafting needs. Over the years, many of our products have been copied by other, less innovative, companies, but we are still Best in Class

Our latest efforts are the ViviLux line of LED Lights, Lasers and accessories.

Let's not kid ourselves, there are many many lights out there being sold to the sewing and crafting community. So, what makes ViviLux lights unique? Unlike everyone else, our ViviLux lights were developed BY sewists & crafters FOR sewists & crafters. With 20 years background creating great products for the sewing, quilting, and crafting communities, we create products that are designed specifically for YOUR needs. As we think about each product, we add the features you need not found elsewhere. Once you try our lights, we think you will agree how perfect they are for your needs.


We are so confident that you will love our products, that we offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty on them.