ViviLux Laser Instructions

Please Read FIRST
CAUTION - Laser light is bright and blinding.

Do not shine at aircraft or vehicles at any distance.
Charge the Laser 3 hours before first use.
Normally, this Laser will reach a full charge in about 3 hours.

If this Laser is not used for a long time, recharge it at least 3 hours once every two months to protect the battery.
When charging, you will see a red light in the base of the Laser. When fully charged, the red light will automatically turn green.


If you are going to affix the Laser, choose where to place the ViviLux 3-in-1 Laser, clean and dry the surface of any dirt or grime. Then remove the protective backing sheet from the Velcro and firmly affix in place.

The flexible wand can be carefully bent and twisted as needed until the laser shines exactly where desired.

DOT Lens

Carefully screw the 1mm Dot Lens onto the holder.
The Dot is used to mark the point on your fabric where you want your needle.

Line Lens

Carefully screw the Line Lens onto the holder.
The Line is perfect to mark a straight sewing line. It works as a perfect visual seam and cutting guide, and works with any seam allowance.

Cross-Hair Lens

Carefully screw the Cross-Hair Lens onto the holder.
The Cross-Hair helps you locate the center on an embroidery, quilt block, pocket, or other design detail.

Alignment Stickers

Use the Alignment Stickers to accurately align your sewing.
Great for hooped embroideries. Great as a pivot point when sewing and turning your fabric.
Works equally well with light and dark fabrics.
Don’t worry, you can sew right thru the Alignment Stickers.
When sewn thru, the stickers are easy to tear away without harming your sewing